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Why you need a Managing Agent – CDM regulations and how to avoid them

Why you need a Managing Agent – CDM regulations and how to avoid them

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (often referred to as CDM Regulations) apply to every construction project in Great Britain. CDM applies to all types of projects including domestic. No matter how big or small. How short or long. CDM applies.

As managing agents who support residential and commercial management minor and major works projects, there are specific requirements under CDM that must be discharged. By following these rules, we ensure that you comply with the regulations. You might not need to carry out each rule yourself. CDM is a team effort, with different roles needing to complete their own duties. You need a specialist property management service to help you navigate these requirements – so you can avoid them, and we can embrace them.

The CDM regulations were first introduced in 1994. They have been through a few changes since then, once in 2007, and again in 2015. While some of the requirements have been adjusted and developed, the overall aim stays the same. To improve health and safety in construction.

Construction is a high-risk industry. Every year people are killed, and thousands injured or made ill, through construction work. Proper planning of the work and careful assessment of the hazards involved are vital to ensure the safety of those on site.


The purpose of the CDM regulations is to focus the attention of the project team on the health and safety aspects of the project, to improve the planning and management of projects, to facilitate the early identification of hazards, and to place responsibilities and efforts where they can most benefit health and safety.

To achieve its objectives the CDM regulations place duties on virtually everyone involved in construction work, particularly on key members of the project team such as the client, designers and contractors. These key members of the project are known under CDM as Duty holders. The Duty holders required under CDM 2015 include the Client, Principal Designer, Principal Designer, Principal Contractor, Designers and Contractors.

Every Duty holder has their own duties under CDM, but they must also help other Duty holders. As we have already mentioned CDM is a team effort. Each Duty Holder has a duty to cooperate and coordinate with other holders. In particular, the principal contractor is in overall control of the contractors and the construction phase. The Principal Designer is in overall controls of Designers and the pre-construction phase.

On most projects, the client will need to appoint a Principal Designer, and they will also need to appoint a Principal Contractor. These appointments should be made in writing. Failure to appoint these roles means the client has appointed themselves, and all the legal duties and responsibilities that go with it.

For domestic clients, the rules still apply, but the appointments are slightly different. Domestic clients are not expected to be experts in CDM, so the roles of the Principal Designer and the Principal Contractor may be appointed automatically.

If you are undertaking any construction works, it is essential that your managing agent provides you with expert advice on CDM responsibilities. Please contact our Block & Estate Management Department on 01603 226500 to discuss any help or support we can provide or email


Mark Francis Pearce

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