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Top 5 interior design trends to take 2019 by storm

Top 5 interior design trends to take 2019 by storm

As we celebrate a new year, we are already thinking about the coming 12 months and what they’ll bring. We all take an interest in the latest trends whether it is in fashion, beauty and home decor. So, after extensive research, we thought we’d share our finds on interior design trends for 2019. It’s time to be inspired!

Colour of the Year

In 2018, it was officially announced that Pantone selected ultra violet as the colour of the year. Well, another year has already passed and after careful consideration, Pantone have announced that living coral, a bright coral shade is the winner for 2019’s colour of the year. Living coral is a nurturing colour that appears in our natural surroundings and is mesmerising to the eye. The colour is especially good because it works well with all finishes, leaving many options for you when decorating your house.

The colour is utilised at its best when used subtly. As you can see in the images below, the designers of these houses have decided to use living coral on one wall and white on the others. These two colours compliment each other very well and has a more dramatic effect. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put your personal touch to the colour palette.

So why not consider using this colour in your home?


One with Nature

In 2018, research found that our home was dominated with technological decorations and applicances such as smart TVs, Echo Dots/Google Home, and other appliances that help enhance your home and 2019 seems to be taking a step back to simpler times. We are beginning to move towards natural materials such as stone, concrete, copper and plantation to name a few. It appears that people are preferring a more organic feel and are bringing the great outdoors into their home. The vibrant colours of the natural greens create a fresh feel in the home, making it more aromatic and is also a great way to fill the blank spaces within your living quarters.

A good selection of plants you could use to decorate your home with could include; fiddle-leaf fig tree, split-leaf philodendron, meyer lemon tree, kentia palm, castiron plant, eucharist lily, snake plant and African spear plant. To find out how you could care for these plants in your home click here.


Black is the new Grey

In 2018, we saw a rise in people favouring contemporary greys to add a modern touch to their property, but it appears that black is taking the crown in 2019. Black is not often a colour you use in mass when decorating a house, but some designers disagree. The colour is bold and dramatic but can generate a really classy effect to any room. To really make the room pop, use complimentary colours such as white or yellow to really bring the room out from the shadows. The contrast between black and striking colours will generate a sense of balance to your home’s space.

Is black on your colour palette in 2019? It sure is a fantastic option. Not quite sure how to decorate a room using black? Click here to find out more.


Back in Time with Curved Furniture

Popular in the 1960’s, curved furniture hasn’t been a favourite for many years until now. But why? People often find curved furniture very difficult to utilise in the home as most rooms will most likely be straight edged. With straight furniture you can decorate to every inch of the room, but with curved it can be difficult to use all the space available. But don’t let this put you off. Curved furniture maybe just what you need. Those who would particularly appreciate the elegance of curved furniture would be people who love a character property. In recent interior design shows, curved furniture has featured a plenty giving people an insight into how it can be utilised in their home.

Mermaid Tail Tiles

A new style of tile shapes will be swimming into 2019. These oddly shaped tiles are becoming particularly popular in bathrooms and kitchens. Tiles are becoming more mainstream and are taking on more fluid forms that have rounded edges and irregular shapes. The tiles can create striking effects and instantly modernise any bathroom or kitchen whilst giving an elegant finish.


These are just a few ways you can decorate your house in 2019. New trends come about all the time and are simply sources of inspiration, but can be of great use to you when you decorate or redecorate your home. But most importantly, don’t forget that what makes an interior space unique is your own personal touch. So, think about what makes a home, a home for you.

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