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How to Design a Home Office with Ease

How to Design a Home Office with Ease


For a lot of people, home isn’t just where the heart is. Over the years it has become very common for workers to install their own office within the comfort of their own home. Is this something you have considered? Well, here is five things to consider whilst making your office perfect!

Consider Everything you need in your Office

This is a very obvious thing to consider when creating your office space and is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider before you begin. So, think to yourself what you will use it for. It could range from writing to designing and much more than that. I bet you’re wondering what you will need to make your home office the perfect space for all your working needs? Well, here are a few things:

Computers: It is very important to consider how many computers and monitors you will need. If this space is for you solely do you need anymore than one computer? Some people personally prefer having more than one monitor, as it allows them to perform more efficiently but this is down to your personal preference.

Administration Space: It’s all good having a computer system to work on but where do you store all your paperwork? It is highly important to consider this as research shows that people work better in a clean and organised work space.

Meetings: Will you have visitors to your office on a regular basis? Then maybe you should consider having a seating area with a suitable work surface to present and discuss your work.

Furniture: Obvious but what will you need? You need to consider how many chairs you need, size of your desk, how much storage space is needed? These are just a few things to consider when furnishing your office.

On a whole, it is all down to personal preference and allocating yourself the space you will need and using suitable furnishing and equipment to get the job done. So, make a list of what you will need!


Make a Floor Plan

Now that you know what you need in your office space, it’s time to make a floor plan. Accurately measure the dimensions of the room you’re working in and start planning where everything will go. This will allow you to use the space more effectively and will avoid little errors when building your home office. This will also give you an opportunity to experiment and really see what works for you. So, don’t be afraid to try something different.

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Creating a healthy work environment is very under-minded when creating an office space. Whether you’re working for someone else or yourself, your work environment must be designed in a way that you are comfortable and there is no risk to your health. For example, if your job requires you to sit down for a vast majority of the day you always need to make sure you’re comfortable and therefore buy a chair that will support your back to avoid injury.

Another factor you will need to consider is lighting. Bad lighting can cause eye strain and will cause permanent damage. Therefore, invest in lighting that provides you with comfort. It’s also important that you have a source of natural light coming through a window so position your desk in a place which offers you natural lighting.

Colour of your Office

When we think about colour psychology, we often dispute the idea but in fact it is very real. All colours can offer a different sense of feeling. Here are a few colours you could use for your office:

Cool Colours: Colours such as blue, violet and darker greens are considered cool colours. They are often associated with the feeling of peace and relaxation. Although this may sound great for your office, it would be advised to stay away from this colour palette as it can be distracting.

Neutral Colours: Dominant in nature, lighter greens are considered a neutral colour along with white and grey. We are often comfortable in green surroundings as it follows us wherever we go. I’m sure you already know, green has an organic, fresh, restful feel to it and can increase concentration. The colour on a whole would be perfect for the office and will enhance the balance of an office space. Likewise, white and shades of grey are comfortable colours which depict the feeling of comfort.


Storage Space

Storage is often overlooked when designing a home office but is highly important, especially if you have a lot of paperwork. It can come in the form of shelving, filing cabinets, book cases etc. All of these can be utilised within a home office to provide suitable storage whilst leaving you enough space to work productively. Furthermore, you could also consider creating a space for wire trails. The wires could go through this space to avoid wire cluttering on the floor as this could be a health and safety hazard.


There are many ways in which you can make a perfect home office. But since home is where the heart is, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble creating your home office!

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