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Mineral Surveying and Land Agency Services

Mineral Surveying and Land Agency Services

Mineral Surveying and Land Agency Services

To support the continued growth of our surveying business, we have recently expanded to provide mineral surveying and land agency services across the UK. We can advise on a large range of property issues pertaining to minerals and waste, together with associated industrial properties. These include valuations, negotiations for option agreements for leases, the acquisition and disposal of property, compulsory purchase, rent and royalty reviews and business rates

Our mineral surveyor can offer advice on potential mining sites, ascertaining the commercial potential of mining or quarrying, assessing risk, mapping mineral deposits and predicting the environmental impact of extraction.

We can advise upon and negotiate legal contracts, manage and develop individual sites, plus map and record the extent of any mineral reserves. Once a site has been exhausted, we will work closely with other land and planning professionals in the restoration and aftercare of the land.


We’re experts on a large number of operating sites, including:


  • Landfill and waste management sites
  • Aggregate and chalk quarries
  • Onshore oil and gas installations
  • Methane extraction sites
  • Mechanical biological treatment facilities
  • Concrete and asphalt batching plants
  • Brickworks
  • Recycling centres
  • Waste transfer stations.


For more information about our Mineral Surveying and Land Agency Services, please contact our team on 01603 751577 or email:


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