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A GoGoHare leveret comes to stay at Watsons!

A GoGoHare leveret comes to stay at Watsons!

GoGoHare leveretA baby GoGoHare (leveret) named Hareratio is now residing with us at Watsons in Bank Plain. Decorated by pupils at Notre Dame High School in Norwich, this beautiful hare is decorated with iconic images of Norwich and Norfolk.

Hareratio is part of the GoGoHares leveret trail, which runs from Monday 2nd July until Sunday September 2nd in Norwich. Why not spent a summer’s day following the trail, discovering all the unique hares and pop in to have a look at Hareratio on your travels?

Enter our ‘Colour in the hare’ competition!

While you’re visiting, why not enter our ‘Colour in the hare’ competition? The winner will receive a small soft toy hare! Come in and show us your artistic skills!

More about the trails

Two other trails are also running: the main GoGoHares city trail of 50 hares across Norwich, and another trail of 18 ‘Moongazer’ hares scattered across Norfolk to discover. These are running from June 24th to September 8th.

All three trails have been organised by the charity Break and Wild in Art.

Find out more about all the hares and view the trail maps on the GoGoHares website

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