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A Simple Guide To Living In A Leasehold Flat

Many owners of leasehold properties contact us with queries about their associated rights and liabilities. Currently, more than 2 million people own a property on a leasehold basis. This simple guide aims to help you understand what a leasehold property is and set out your rights and responsibilities. What is a leasehold property?  There are […]

UK commercial property investment peaks

Levels of investment across the UK commercial market have peaked this year, according to CRBE. The company attributes the high levels investment to the number of people with capital looking to invest in property, predicting that the UK commercial property prices will continue to stay high for a number of years to come. Analysts from […]

Right to Rent checks mandatory in England from 2016

From 1 February 2016 Right to Rent checks will become mandatory for all adult occupiers with new tenancies in England. The Home Office has issued an updated version of the Right to Rent Code of Practice to be used by landlords and agents letting properties. The new code includes amended lists of acceptable documents for […]

Lloyds bank step up commercial property lending

Lloyds Banking Group has made its largest commercial property development loan since the 2008 financial crisis, as the bank steps up its large scale property development lending. John Feeney, the global head of commercial real estate said the lending is “at the centre of our strategy”, adding that the latest financing was “testament to the […]

Government debating new rogue landlord and tenant lists

The Housing and Planning Bill, returned yesterday to the House of Commons to debate ways to tackle rogue landlords and improve the private rental sector. The government are discussing key points to tackle persistent offenders including; the introduction of banning orders and civil penalties of up to £5,000 for rogue landlords, speeding up repossessions of […]

International property measurement standards are now mandatory

From 1st January all RICS professionals undertaking and commissioning property measurements will be required to follow the RICS Property Measurement Professional Statement. This means that all measurements of office buildings will be done in line with the new International Property Measurement Standard (IPMS). IPMS is the new global standard that aims to enhance the transparency […]

Commercial property outlook for 2016

The UK commercial property market has delivered strong investment returns since 2013, however as the cycle matures can the industry continue to deliver? The outlook for commercial property across the UK is positive for 2016, although commercial property investors will need to be more selective in their choices of investments. The low interest rates of recent […]

Alternative ways to invest in property following the rise in buy-to-let Stamp Duty

Property investment has historically been one of the safest forms of investment with assets generally increasingly in value both long and short term. As stamp duty rises of 3% come into effect in April 2016 an increasing number of property investors are seeking alternative commercial property investment routes. A property fund allows investment into commercial property which […]