Specific Defect Survey

Should you have a specific issue or problem with your property then we can help with a Specific Defect Survey. A defect survey is used to assess a specific or suspected defect with a property’s structure or condition. These types of surveys are flexible and can be aimed at any particular issue identified. Any related building matters which are found during the inspection will also be covered. The survey goes into a similar level of detail to a full Building Survey, but does not cover the whole property, just the specific area of concern.

Specific Defect Surveys are useful if you’re looking to purchase a property but are unsure about the condition or remediation of a specific element. Additionally, a defect survey can also prove useful if you’re a homeowner and an issue has arisen that needs clarification and guidance.

Peace of Mind

A Specific Defect Survey would allow you to get detailed information on the extent of the issue and the costs of rectifying it; this would allow you to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the purchase or renegotiate the price. Alternatively, it could be something in your own home that you want to check for peace of mind, perhaps before carrying out building works. Sometimes a vendor may wish to get a second opinion on an issue highlighted by a purchaser’s survey, to aid negotiations. Watson’s can give you peace of mind.


Specific Defect Survey

The scope for a Specific Defect Survey

The list of potential defects is vast and can include a multitude of building elements. To give some indication to the scope of possibilities, the following list provides some building elements that would be considered suitable for a Specific Defect Survey:
  • Cracking or bowing of walls or beams
  • Movement of walls or floors (subsidence)
  • Timber rot or infestation
  • Dampness within the property
  • Non-standard construction
  • Issues with brickwork quality
  • Rainwater gutters and down-piping defects
  • Flood damage
  • Supporting structures such chimney stacks.
  • Alterations/extensions
  • Wall removals and loft conversions
  • Roofing defects e.g. the covering or the structure

What does the survey include?

The survey report includes detailed descriptions of then defects found during the building inspection, alongside relevant photographs.The survey will also state whether there is a problem with the structure of the building, and if there is, what steps need to be undertaken to rectify the issue, plus an indication of the likely costs to fix.
For more information, please contact your Local Chartered Surveyor, email us on: survey@watsons-property.co.uk, or complete the form below:
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