Matrimonial Valuation

If you share a home with a long-term partner and the relationship comes to an end, an independent valuation of the shared home, carried out by a professional, is recommended. This is something that can be commissioned by one person, if you continue to have a civil relationship with your partner, or you can both seek your own valuations (see full details below):

Matrimonial Valuation

Single and Joint Matrimonial Expert Valuation

Service Description, Benefits & Features

All assets have to be divided fairly, including not only the matrimonial home or shared properties but also other investments. Watsons will carry out Matrimonial Valuations for Solicitors, handling the Divorce or County/High Courts if there is a dispute and we can also stand as an Expert Witness. The valuation will be completed by an RICS Registered Valuer and only accredited experienced Valuers will undertake this type of instruction.

Our Surveyors are generally jointly appointed by the solicitors of each party as a Joint Single Expert Witness Valuation. Their job is to present an independent valuation for and to the court. They can also carry out valuations for both parties to use in negotiations. A valuation of the family home is essential, because it is usually the biggest asset any couple will have and they will want to know how much their property is worth.

We believe the preferred way to proceed is for both parties to formally instruct us as the Joint Single Expert Witness by one of their solicitors, in preparing a valuation report. This report will be relied upon in court proceedings usually held in the Central Family Court.

The reason we believe they should instruct us jointly, is because it will be quicker and cheaper for both parties. This independent report will be relied upon in court by the judge. The report will be unbiased, a true opinion of the value of their home. The accredited Valuer will be experienced in carrying out Residential Valuations in the area over a number of years.


Individual Matrimonial 2 working days and Joint Single Matrimonial 5 working days turnaround.

We endeavour to provide the most efficient and thorough service, during what can be an often difficult and very sensitive time for everyone involved.


Tops of Houses

What does the Matrimonial Valuation include?

The process of undertaking a Matrimonial Valuation Report includes a site visit to the property by one of our RICS Registered Valuers, including both an internal and external inspection of the property.

We take into consideration a number of attributes such as:

  • the size of the property
  • current condition
  • full specification
  • location etc.

Our Registered Valuers then use their local knowledge, alongside evidence of comparable sales in the local area, and an accurate and impartial Valuation is determined.

Family Home
With an RICS Matrimonial Valuation, you benefit from the RICS Professional Standards (the ‘Red Book’) which contains mandatory rules, best practice guidance and related commentary for all RICS Members undertaking asset valuations.
Unfortunately, when relationships fall apart and tensions are very high, it’s often easier to commission a third party to provide an impartial view and opinion. In an ideal world, both parties would agree on a valuation figure, but where they can’t, we’re there to assist and finalise things.
Ray Smith FRICS
Senior Partner


We appreciate this can be very sensitive for all parties involved. Therefore, if you would like an informal chat about our service, please do not hesitate to complete our online form, contact your Local Chartered Surveyor or email:
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