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Is your property registered with HM Land Registry?

Is your property registered with HM Land Registry?

What is HM Land Registry?

Within England and Wales, HM Land Registry’s responsibilities are to provide:

  • a reliable record of information about ownership of and interests affecting both land and property.
  • owners with a land title, guaranteed by the government.
  • a title plan that indicates general boundaries.

You MUST register all land or property with HM Land Registry if you’ve:

  • bought it
  • been given it
  • inherited it
  • received it in exchange for other property or land
  • mortgaged the property.

However, please be aware, once you’re registered, the HM Land Registry publishes information online about registered properties, including:

  • name(s) of owner(s)
  • the price paid for the property
  • a plan of the property’s boundaries.

Please Note: You cannot opt out of your property information being published.

  • You do not usually need to register leasehold land or property if there are 7 years or less on the lease at the time you take ownership.
  • You must register your land with the Rural Land Register as well as HM Land Registry if you own agricultural land.
  • Your property might not be registered if you owned it before 1990 and have not mortgaged it since. You can search online to check if your property is registered.
  • You must tell HM Land Registry if you transfer ownership of your registered property to someone else.

Property and Land Boundary


Land Registry Compliant Plans

If you want to convert your house into flats, sell a portion of your back garden for development, renew a seven year plus lease, or register your property with Land Registry, you will require a Land Registry Compliant Plan.

Watsons offers a hassle free registration process with HM Land Registry. We provide specialised services in producing Land Registry Compliant First Registration, Transfer, Determined and Lease Plans, and can ensure the fast production of accurate plans to both the Land Registry Practice Guide 40 and RICS Codes of Measurement Practice.

All Land Registry Plans are prepared by one of our experienced Chartered Surveyors, and we always undertake a site inspection of the individual property too. 

Land Registry Plans will initially be provided to you in PDF Format and sent via email for approval. Once your approval is given, hard copies are then sent to you by post. Please note, any necessary alterations made to the plans are free of charge.

If you need Land Registry Plans, please contact your Local Chartered Surveyor or email: and one of our specialists will be in contact.

Alternatively REGISTER YOUR INTEREST and our Client Services Team will be in touch shortly.



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