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Home Staging Guidance

Home Staging Guidance

Home Staging Ideas to help sell your home

Ideas to help sell your home…

If you’re currently selling your house and keen to arrange viewings now that the market has reopened, we’re offering some advice and tips on how to stage your home, equally relevant whether you’re carrying out virtual viewing, filming a video tour or allowing potential buyers visit in person, subject to social distancing rules etc.

We now live in a world driven by image; no more so than with the houses in which we live. Photographs of interiors aim to capture a certain lifestyle, which can really help sell a property. Prospective buyers form an opinion on your house within the first 7-10 seconds of stepping through the front door. There are no numbers on virtual viewings as yet, but making a great first impression is vital. Therefore, it’s worth considering a few simple changes around your home to help speed up the sales process and potentially boost the value of your property. It is for all these reasons that interiors and home staging businesses have evolved and developers often use such services to create furnished show houses.

However, the average vendor can’t afford to invest in staging in this way. Unlike many estate agents, we at Watsons will advise a vendor if we think that their property does need some dressing to make it more appealing to a buyer. We realise that many people do not have the money to use a specialist home staging service and so we will try and suggest inexpensive ways of dressing rooms in order to be able to market them to their full potential.

Home Staging

With property portals like Rightmove and On The Market providing an online platform to showcase your home for sale, the images/video used online can help make or break a sale. With this in mind, home staging is well worth your consideration.

What is Home Staging?

Staging a home refers to preparing and decorating a house in a way that will make it most appealing to as many potential buyers as possible. This means more than tidying up and giving your home a thorough clean. It can mean repainting, or using artwork, lighting and plants to make your home look as attractive and welcoming as possible – effectively dressing the house for sale. Here are some top home staging tips to prepare your house for a speedy sale.

Whilst many stores are still closed, you can still source paint, artwork, plants and accessories online or via your local garden centre.

Home Staging Tips

Remove Clutter

This has to be rule number one of home staging – remove all of the clutter in your home. Either throw it away or sort through your belongings and store them neatly out of sight. All floors and surfaces should be clutter free, while cupboards should be neatly organised, in case viewers have a sneaky peek!

Inspect Floors

Ensure all carpets are clean and repair any creaky floorboards. If you have exposed floorboards in your home, you may even consider getting them sanded and re-stained.

Refresh Your Walls

Bright colours and feature wallpapers are not for everyone. Give walls a fresh lick of paint and opt for warm, sophisticated neutral colours.


All windows should be dressed with curtains or blinds, but avoid nets at all costs. You can make smaller windows appear larger with long curtains. Ensure curtains are pulled right back and blinds are right up to allow as much light to flood our rooms as possible.


Pull furniture slightly away from the walls and remove any furniture taking up too much space – and remember, no clutter!

Consider Decorations

You can use mirrors to make rooms appear bigger and consider hanging tasteful artwork, but be aware that your taste may not be for everyone. Dot green plants around the house and put fresh flowers in a couple of rooms too.


If you have a fireplace, you can stock with wood and dress with candlesticks or place a basket of logs next to the hearth.

Inviting Bedroom

All bed linen should be white or neutral, clean and neatly ironed. Plump up pillows; add cushions to the bed plus a colourful throw for added cosiness.

In the Kitchen

Create a feeling that someone is living there by placing an open recipe book on the work surface, place herbs on the windowsill and a neatly folded towel and hand-wash by the sink – all of which can add colour and life to a room.

Sitting Rooms

Add cushions and throw to settees and dress the coffee able with magazines, an open book or a tray with cups and a teapot.

Dining Rooms

The best idea is to dress the table for dinner by adding cutlery, glasses, serviettes, and maybe an unlit candle or two.

Leave Doors Open

We stipulate that all doors need to be open during any viewings at present, but it does make prospective buyers feel welcome and feel free to wander around your home. Ensure the main selling points of each room are visible from the doorway so that viewers are immediately impressed.

Make Your House Look Perfect…but Lived In!

While you’re dressing your house to influence viewings, it’s still important that your house looks lived in so prospective buyers can see its potential as their new home.

Virtual Viewings - Bringing Buyers and Sellers together onlineFind out more about Virtual Viewings…

Virtual Viewings not only make it easier for buyers and tenants to view your home, but they reduce the number of wasted viewings, meaning you will only need to ensure your home is ‘viewing ready’ for serious buyers or tenants. We are encouraging potential buyers and tenants to view properties virtually, prior to any physical viewings at this time. This approach only lines up serious movers to view your property in the hope of securing a sale or lease.

For advice on staging your property or virtual viewings, talk to one of our Property Specialists who will be more than willing to help.



Mark Francis Pearce

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