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Have you considered a Virtual Viewing?

Since the property industry re-opened, we have been extra busy and are helping motivated buyers and tenants who are looking for their next home. Virtual Viewings not only make it easier for buyers and tenants to view your home, but they reduce the number of wasted viewings, meaning you will only need to ensure your home is ‘viewing ready’ for serious buyers or tenants. We are encouraging potential buyers and tenants to view properties virtually, prior to any physical viewings at this time. This approach only lines up serious movers to view your property in the hope of securing a sale or lease.

Why getting your house on the market now is a good idea!  

Social distancing to protect ourselves and our communities is vital, but it means people are spending more time in their houses now than ever before! So, listing your home and doing a virtual tour or viewing yourself can help you to gain exposure to potential buyers who are in the search phase of moving. Plus for some, the more time we spend in our homes, the more we start to think about moving.

How do Virtual Viewings work?

  • Watsons are encouraging virtual appointments in the first instance, on Video Chat (Zoom or WhatApp etc.) during which we guide potential buyers through a Virtual Viewing as we would if they were at the property in person.
  • Alternatively, we encourage Sellers who want to, to carry out the Virtual Viewing themselves, which will be a 3-way Video Chat, where we would mediate between the Seller carrying out the viewing of their own property and interested Buyers.
  • The advantage of live viewings is that our Property Specialist will be on hand to answer all of your questions or concerns during the viewing.
  • If you’re interested in a particular property you have seen online, we encourage you to have a Virtual Viewing, prior to any physical meetings.

“As customers continue to look for more convenience in their lives, we anticipate that virtual viewings and video tours will become part of our daily service, as they afford convenience and flexibility,” says Nick Eley, Head of Residential Sales & Lettings.

People like convenience, and what can be more convenient than getting to see what a house has to offer from the comfort of your own home?

“Since the industry opened again, the interest in property has soared. People are still searching for property even if they’re being discouraged to physically view it. As we’re able to continue with our viewings, it keeps things moving in the right direction.”

Virtual Viewings - How to sign up!
You might be in the process of selling your property and keen to carry out virtual viewings to move the sale forward, or be a buyer seeking to view a property you’re interested in!
Either way, please get in touch with your local branch via phone or email, or simply complete the form below.
One of our Property Specialists will be in contact to follow up your enquiry.
Remote Consultation via Video Calling

Virtual Viewing Enquiry

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