Viewpoint: July 2021

Viewpoint: July 2021

In this month’s edition of Viewpoint, produced by our partners at Yellow Brick Mortgages, we explore:

The Value of Advice

Throughout our lives, we face having to make financial decisions that can have a major impact on our wealth, as well as determining whether we meet our goals, and can protect ourselves and our families from unexpected events. A carefully thought-through financial plan can make a positive difference, no matter what stage of life you’re at.

Home Insurance – Add-Ons Explained

The cover provided by a home insurance policy can vary depending on the insurer. You can usually ‘add-on’ extra cover for an additional cost. These optional extras allow you to tailor your policy to your own individual circumstances, so you only pay for the cover you need.

The World is Changing – So Should Your Insurance

The world is changing rapidly in a way that nobody could ever have expected, meaning your personal and financial circumstances are
likely to have changed. It is important to regularly review all aspects of your finances and that includes reviewing your protection insurance, to make sure your policy provides adequate cover for your changing needs.

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**Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up with your mortgage payments**

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