COVID-19: Managing risks at Watsons from Monday 19th July

COVID-19: Managing risks at Watsons from Monday 19th July

As the country reaches another important milestone we wanted to provide an update on our ongoing approach to Covid-19 at Watsons.

Over the last 18 months, we have continued to provide services to our customers with minimal disruption. We have had to think outside the box and in some cases, change the way we work, but we have succeeded in maintaining a consistent and reliable service while keeping colleagues and customers as safe as possible.

While the UK’s vaccination programme has borne huge success in reducing the link between infections and serious illness, we recognise that the ending of restrictions is going to result in a drastic increase in COVID-19 infections.

So, we’ve put together a brief Q&A below to outline our approach from Monday 19th July.

Q. Which risk control measures will continue to be in place?

Our general approach will be to remain cautious and continue to manage the risks presented by COVID to try to keep infection rates down.

  • We will continue to sanitise and disinfect our offices
  • We will encourage colleagues to maintain frequent hand-washing and sanitising.
  • We will continue to ask all staff to wear face coverings when attending appointments, off-site.
  • We will continue to observe all previous health and safety measures.

Q. Will Watsons require customers or clients to wear masks if staff have to enter private residences or business premises to deliver services?

No. We accept that some customers, clients, or suppliers may choose not to wear a mask. Our staff will ask for the occupier’s agreement before removing their own masks.

Q. For how long will the current approach be in effect?

We expect this to remain the case for at least the next 6-12 months.

Like many businesses, we have been fortunate enough to see improvements thanks to new technology and new ways of working. We have enjoyed the good-spirited mutuality shown by the vast majority of our colleagues, customers, contractors, and suppliers in helping each other to deal with this pandemic.

We hope that an attitude of togetherness and understanding will continue long after this pandemic is over.

Mark Francis Pearce

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