5 Things That Help Your House Sell for More

5 Things That Help Your House Sell for More
5 Things That Help Your House Sell for More
5 Things That Help Your House Sell for More

Did you know you can end up with more money for your home simply by changing a few little details? If you know what buyers are looking for, you can easily upsell your house and get it moving faster.

1. Stage the Home

This simply means to make the space something where potential buyers feel at home. They should be able to imagine themselves in the space, so you’ll need to eliminate any personal touches, such as family photos or certificates, drawings on the refrigerator, etc. Add fresh flowers, group items into threes, and make the space look like something out of a photo to ensure people feel right at home.

2. Paint in Neutral Colours

The usual scuffs and marks that come about from living in a home can make it feel older and dirtier. If you repaint the walls in a nice, neutral colour, you’ll find that the house immediately feels newer and more valuable. Your buyers will think so, too! They’ll also love the neutral colours since it lets them imagine how they could style the space.

3. Replace Your Roof

If the roof is over 10 years old, you can boost your home’s resale value considerably by replacing it with something that looks better and is certain to keep out the rain for a few more decades. Alternatively, you can just power wash the entire roof to eliminate any moss, mould, or discolouration.

4. Change the Lights

Light fixtures can feel quite dated, so you may wish to replace them with something more modern. However, you don’t even need to replace all your fixtures. Simply changing the type of light to enhance the space can drastically improve the house value. Try putting brighter lights in small areas to make the area feel larger. You can also let as much light into the house via windows as possible. Use mirrors to enhance what natural light is already there and use sheer curtains to help boost the ambiance.

5. Replace Hardware

Door handles and even light switches can all be replaced with updated versions to make the home feel newer. This is a very simple method of updating the space and can really enhance your kitchen and bathroom. Even the bedroom doors will be better received when they have the right kind of handle. Aim for lever-type handles on doors so that they are more accessible.

With just a few small changes, you can instantly boost the value of your home. While you do need to spend a little in order to make these changes, the value is more than recovered when you sell the house.

Are you interested in learning more about selling your home? Contact Watsons Property to find out how we can help.

Mark Francis Pearce

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