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A Snagging Survey will allow you to identify defects in a property you’re purchasing and have them corrected. These inspections are particularly associated with New Build properties – You can instruct your inspection once the developer serves you with a notice that the property is built; alternatively you may do this at any time during the first 2 years of the property’s warranty period. The objective is to ensure the new build is built to a quality and a standard that was sold to you and if not, a survey will highlight the defects that the developer needs to rectify.

Service Description, Benefits & Features

Our mission is to push for higher standards of new-build property handovers. Using our skills, knowledge and construction experience, we are able to check for issues and defects that are out of sight, before it is too late, raising both minor and major snags in a photographic report issued within just 48 hours after the initial inspection.

We will provide expertise, specialist equipment and a trained eye to raise minor and major issues quickly.

During the customers snagging survey, we will check the new-build thoroughly, including:

  • Plaster and paintwork
  • Windows and door fittings
  • Roof and guttering
  • Garage and groundwork
  • Loft inspection
  • Level flooring, square walls and flat ceiling inspection
  • Brickwork and fenestration
  • Joinery
  • Thermal camera heat loss/draught test (optional)
  • Room measurements of windows & walls (optional)
You would commission a New Build Snagging Survey , if you’re in the process of buying a new build, to ensure the property matches the plans and specifications of the build, and it is finished to a high standard. Our experts will examine every aspect of the build and the fabric of the property with an experienced eye.
An experienced, RICS qualified Chartered Surveyor is able to pick out faults – more traditional defects, such as subsidence, or more subtle faults such as leaking taps or shower, cracked tiles, floor tiles, and generally a bad finish. All of these defects will then be presented in the final Inspection Report.
New Build Snagging Inspection


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