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Leasehold Extensions


A lease is your right to use a property for a specified period of time. As your lease gets shorter, the value of your property decreases and it can become difficult to mortgage or sell on. This is why it is a good idea to extend your lease.


Extending a lease by the statutory path or by negotiation can be a lengthy process so it pays to seek advice early. Both routes have their pros and cons whether you are a lease-holder or a free-holder so it pays to seek advice early.


Charles Thurston- Head of Building Services
“By engaging Watsons to extend your lease, you will be securing your long-term residency and adding value to your property. If you are considering a lease extension, it is worth investing at the earliest opportunity”.


Our team is here to help guide you through the process of lease extensions. Contact your local office or email


Further information: The Leasehold Reform, Housing and Development Act 1993, amended by the Common-hold Reform Act 2002.

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