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This type of survey is generally more suitable for smaller or more modern properties. It specifically provides advice on what action should be taken prior to the purchaser entering a commitment to proceed, as well as advice on repairs and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Designed by the RICS

A licenced product from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Homebuyers Survey also provides a valuation reflecting the condition of the property. It identifies defects and gives condition ratings which allows you to make an informed decision, and it can be used to re-negotiate the purchase price.


This survey is produced in a standard format provided by the RICS and is designed as a value-for-money package for the potential purchaser of a property. It is intended for houses, apartments and bungalows of conventional construction which are generally in reasonable condition. The survey will look at both the exterior and interior of the property. Our surveying team in the East of England are happy to advise you on the right survey or report for you.


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