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RICS Condition Report is more than a mortgage valuation and less than a Homebuyer report. It gives a clear and concise “snap shot” of the condition of the property and is for the applicant, not the lender. It does not provide a valuation and the inspection for the Condition report involves a head and shoulders only inspection of the roof-space, and does not include lifting drain covers.

Clear and Direct RICS Condition Reports

You should choose this report if you’re buying or selling a conventional house, flat or bungalow built from common building materials and in reasonable condition. It focuses purely on the condition of the property by setting out the following:

– Clear “traffic light” ratings of the condition of different parts of the building, services, garage and outbuildings, showing problems that require varying degrees of attention.

– A summary of the risks to the condition of the building.

– Other matters, including guarantees, planning and building control issues for your legal advisers.


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