Camera Pole Survey

A Camera Pole (or Telescopic Inspection Camera) is used to view inaccessible and high areas, without the need to use a ladder. Sectional poles allows the Surveyor to extend the camera up a number of meters and holds a 44ft extending wireless HD camera, which simultaneously links to a touchscreen display at the bottom of the pole. This creates both real-time images and photos. The camera pole also has an automatic infrared function to examine areas which can be difficult to access, such as loft spaces.

This technology helps to reduce uncertainty about aspects of a property by closely examining areas that are usually hard to reach. It allows our surveying team to include more detailed findings in their report, rather than recommending that the customer make further arrangements to check certain aspects of the property.

Surveyor with Camera Pole

The cameras used are now more advanced, with the addition of tilting and panning heads to allow Surveyors to look in places they normally couldn’t see.

They are predominantly used for assessing box gutters and areas behind parapet walls, the top of chimney stacks and to assess whether they have been properly capped off, ventilated and to check the condition of benching / bedding mortar around pots. Camera Poles are also used for inspecting flat roofs over double-storey bays and other inaccessible flat roofed areas, which would otherwise be concealed or not visible with the use of binoculars.

Camera Pole Survey - Enquiry

Surveyor with Camera Pole

Why not a drone?

Camera poles can be taken put of the car and set-up in minutes. Setting up a drone can take time, and with new regulations in place, this additional technology isn’t always appropriate, as most houses are in heavily built-up areas or near airports, where restrictions are in place and can only be used under certain conditions.
Camera Poles are fast becoming more common as a diagnosis and fault-finding tool. They are low impact, non-intrusive and reliably accurate. The images taken can immediately explain the precise areas where there is a problem and enable a complete diagnosis without the health & safety implications of ladder usage.
Camera Pole Screen
If you think you need a Camera Pole Survey, our Client Services Team are more than happy to help! Make contact with your Local Surveyor, complete the online form or send an email to:
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