Remote Consultation

A Remote Consultation is an innovative service where the customer will need a smartphone or tablet, which is enabled for video calling. We use remote consultancy sessions to provide the customer with an efficient solution in providing our expertise in the comfort of their own home, much sooner than it would be possible to book an appointment to visit in person.

The Remote Consultation can take the form of a discussion or the investigation of a building defect. This service has proved very popular where there are interested parties at differing geographic locations, all of whom can now be part of discussions. The service is also helpful for those who require contact outside of our standard trading hours.

Our remote consultancy services include building surveying, defect identification and initial consultations for a wide range of our services. Remote consultancy is the simple, swift and efficient way to solve problems and get industry leading advice.

When a customer books a Remote Consultation, they will receive the same high level of expertise that an in-person visit gives them. Remote consultancy gives access to Chartered Surveyors, meaning they can take advantage of the many years of experience Watsons has to offer.

We will commence the Remote Consultation on the date and time agreed when booking. Generally, we would allow one hour for each consultation. Please note that we can provide a recording of the video call when it has been completed. If it becomes apparent that your query cannot be properly dealt with remotely, we will advise you of an alternative solution and any additional costs that such a resolution may incur.

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Remote Consultancy Advantages

With remote consulting you get full access to many years of experience at a lower cost than would be incurred for an inspection. A site visit can be more expensive, because time for travel and writing the report need to be factored into the final fee.
Remote Consultation via Video Calling
  • A Remote Consultation removes the time incurred for travel and the recorded session would avoid the need for a written report. If a written report is then needed, further costs may be incurred.
  • Cost effective for situations a Remote Consultation  is deemed more suitable.
  • Speedy advice without the need to arrange an inspection.
  • Consultations can be programmed at a time that suits the client, during normal working hours, although there will be some slots available outside normal working hours.
  • The consultation will help the client to consider the issues, what works to undertake, what further investigation may be required and/or what next steps to take.
  • Even if a definitive diagnosis is not arrived at, it would normally be expected that we can narrow down the possibilities. Our experts will help in reviewing the problem and suggesting questions and direction for further works.
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