Commissioning a Vendor Survey

Commissioning a Vendor Survey

Why commission a Vendor Survey?It’s common knowledge among property buyers, that prior to any purchase it’s sensible to commission your own independent home survey, which will provide you with a clear understanding of the property’s condition. By having a home survey completed, you’re essentially avoiding any additional costs, stress and hassle further down the line, as the survey can help you avoid surprise additional costs for repairs.

BOOK a Vendor Survey

Why you should commission a Vendor Survey prior to selling your house.

However, home sellers often forget that they can increase the odds of selling their home for a great price by commissioning a survey themselves, prior to putting their property on the market.

Times are changing, so why wait for a potential buyers to get a survey for your home, and get one carried out first!!

You can fix any issues before potential buyers find them:

  • If a potential buyer commissions a home survey and finds hidden defects that you weren’t aware of, they then have the grounds to renegotiate on the price.
  • You can save yourself some money by fixing any issues which are uncovered before this ever happens. This way, you can control how much you spend on fixing the issues, rather than having to sell your house at a reduced price.

You can lower the price of your house accordingly:

  • If you don’t have time to fix any uncovered defects after the inspection, you could lower the price of your house slightly and disclose the findings of the survey.
  • This way, you can deter potential buyers from getting a survey themselves, control the price you sell at, and remain open and honest.

Be informed before selling your house:

  • Our Chartered Surveyors & Registered Valuers are property experts, and their findings will put you in a much better position to sell your property, as you will already have a professional’s opinion to hand.
  • When potential buyers view your home, you will be forewarned of various issues they could have with different rooms – and it certainly gives the buyers a better impression of the house than if you couldn’t provide any information about it.

Buyers are less likely to be scared off:

  • If the buyer finds out about any defects from you directly, rather than from a Surveyor’s Report, they’re more likely to stay interested. Hidden defects that are uncovered by an independent Surveyor can put some buyers off from purchasing altogether.
  • If you’re always upfront and talk about the defects, as long as the house isn’t falling down, buyers will be more inclined to stick with the purchase, and may even be grateful that they don’t have to pay for a home survey themselves.

If you plan on selling your house, and like the idea of being informed from the get-go, you can book your Vendor Survey now.

Alternatively, contact your Local Surveyor for further information.


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