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New or refurbishment building projects can represent a huge investment to a client, whether residential, educational or commercial. It is therefore essential that the investment is protected and maximised. The construction monitoring service provided by Watsons ensures that our client’s investment in their building is safeguarded by reviewing the progress of the project along with the quality of the build throughout the construction process.

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Construction monitoring provides the client with independent verification that the works have been completed in accordance with specified and legislative requirements, within budget and to plan.

Most construction projects are unique. Construction projects can also be complex in detail and skilled professional involvement is necessary for the successful execution of such projects. The involvement of a consultant can be important during the construction phase to ensure that:

– The design is being correctly interpreted.
– The construction methods are appropriate and do not reduce the effectiveness of the design.
– The work is completed generally in accordance with the plans, specifications/legislative requirements within the programme and budget.


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