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Elements of buildings deteriorate depending on the level of maintenance received and are affected by a number of factors such as external conditions, thermal movement, poor construction etc. Deleterious materials have long been identified within the industry and are not only materials that are dangerous to health or which are the causes of failures in buildings, but increasingly, materials which are environmentally damaging.

A building defect is defined as a material, component or finish which does not meet its expected performance criteria. Building Pathology and Defect Diagnosis can relate to problems in all types of buildings.

Expert Advice on a Range of Property Repair Scenarios

Our surveyors are based in all counties around the East of England and are able to assess defects and advice on the right building repair for your type of property. The most common areas of analysis include:

  • Water penetration (dampness & ingress)
  • Condensation
  • Defective detailing and finishes
  • Movement and cracking
  • Concrete and deleterious materials
  • Curtain walling, cladding and glazing
  • Heritage and conservation

For a fixed fee, we will undertake an initial investigation with a report outlining the problem and how to fix it. If there are further exploratory works required, we will recommend a strategy for more intrusive investigative work.

Our Valuation & Survey team are available to advise you on the right survey or report for you. Contact us on 01603 751577 or email


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